New Name, New Products same High Grade Quality!!!

October 20, 2017

New Name, New Products same High Grade Quality!!!

2017 has been a year of much change for Boston Commodities International. We are changing our name to 'Wild Tree Essentials' to better fit the type of product we sell. When I first started this company I was not sure how the resin and essential oil market as a business model was going to be. I do a few types of businesses and decided to just add this business under my existing corporate name of Boston Commodities International. The response and demand has exceeded my expectations for these ancient products I am so passionate about.

Now that I have been selling high-grade organic essential oils and resins for almost four years online, I think it's time for a name change that better suits my products. So what's changing? The ONLY thing that is changing is the name of the company and the addition of many other products beyond frankincense and myrrh. All products will continue to be sourced for the same suppliers, and the quality and purity--as always--are never compromised. All new products will also be sourced in the same manner. 

I have already added some new products, such as pure, sustainably harvested Mysore Indian sandalwood sticks; organic eucalyptus globulus essential oil; Palo Santo sticks; and the existing inventory is continuing to be re-stocked weekly. We are waiting for a large shipment from Somalia to add to the inventory for Maydi (Boswellia frereana, Boswellia rivae, Black Neglecta, Opopanax Myrrh. Also in the incoming inventory from Somalia are new resins which include, amazingly, WHITE Neglecta! I am very excited about this one, in particular, as well as Commiphora Erythrea (Hagar) myrrh. These should be arriving any day, so stay tuned.

My plan is to continue to add a large offering of smudges, which we used to sell; aromatic woods beyond what we already have; many, many more essential oils; herbs; more soaps; high-grade salts; more gifts; and resins and oil blends done by us. I am still in the early stages of constructing our very own essential oil distillation operation, so in the near future most of the oils will be distilled by us.

So there is much in the works, and you may see "Boston Commodities International" logos, text and labels for a bit longer until the re-branding transition is complete. There will be a mix of both names until then, so please bear with us.

The WWW.BOSTONCOMMODITIES.COM URL will always still be active and you can use it, but the NEW URL is WWW.WILDTREEESSENTIALS.COM, which is easier to remember and spell. Both of these URLs are active, and if you do use the WWW.WILDTREEESSENTIALS.COM link sooner than later, know that it will redirect to the WWW.BOSTONCOMMODITIES.COM since our standing in search engines is higher for that URL.

Okay, enough of me boring you: I am offering 20% off for the next 5 days on everything on the website with unlimited orders. Just use coupon code WILDTREE to receive the discount at checkout. 

Stay tuned for more newsletters for the incoming new products to learn about their uses, how we source them, and the history of these sacred ancient products from nature. Until then ENJOY! And thank you for your patience this year. We are onto good things!

Founder and owner of Wild Tree Essentials, Brian Camgemi

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