Wild Tree Essentials wants to assist you as much as possible in understanding the history, culture and uses of frankincense and myrrh. The subject matter can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  It can also be hard to find legitimate sources for true facts and knowledge about frankincense and myrrh.
There is a lot of information and misinformation on the web, so we hope to offer a more streamlined approach for understanding what you are buying and helping you discover your personal preference for the many species and grades of frankincense and myrrh. As always questions, comments and knowledge are welcome!

Traditional Uses of Frankincense  

Frankincense has been used traditionally by burning it on charcoal, which produces the rich aromatic fragrance through its smoke. There are two ways to use Frankincense:

1. Burning on charcoal

Step 1. Place a piece of self-lighting charcoal in an appropriate charcoal burner, light with a windproof lighter if possible, as it is better than using tongs for lighting charcoal.

Step 2. Add a piece of Frankincense of your choosing on top of charcoal. For less smoke, use smaller pieces; for longer burns and more smoke, use larger tears. Enjoy!


2. Drinking as tea or as frankincense water

Frankincense is traditionally used as a tea or as frankincense water. Note that ONLY a few frankincense resins can be ingested, which are listed below in order of purity and highest medicinal qualities:

1. Sultan Selection Blue-Green© 

2. Royal green Hojari B. Sacra Frankincense

3. Superior BONE white B. Sacra frankincense

Method 1. As a Tea 

1.) Add 1 medium size tear to 1 cup of  boiling water, stir for a few minutes. The tear may not always dissolve completely and may be more effective if crushed or ground up.

2.) Pour into a mug and drink as a tea. 

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Method 2. Frankincense water

1.) Add four to five medium to large tears into 1 liter of boiling water.

2.) Immediately add boiling water to a tempered jug (so the heat does not shatter jug) and place into fridge over night. Tears may not always dissolve completely and may be more effective if crushed or ground up.

3.) Drink 2-3 oz. daily from jug. May be better with food but it is not necessary. 

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*User takes full responsibility for uses of any product sold on this website.


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